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Rockland's Crew!

Rockland's Crew!

Be a part of the coolest crew around; Rockland's Crew!


Rockland's signature candle includes relaxing notes of tonka with sweet clove and teakwood.  


For each candle sold, $5 will be donated to Rockland's family to help with his DMI therapy in March! 


The 3 week intensive therapy is NOT covered by insurance, so your purchase makes a huge difference!   Rockland continues to show how strong he is each and every day and has an amazing support system from his family.  We are so glad to have met this amazing heart warrior!  


All of our candles are hand poured with love and are 100% natural soy wax, with untreated wooden wicks!  NO phthalates or harmful junk in our candles!  So enjoy the burn and relax with Rockland's signature scented candle!  


For all other purchases outside of Rockland's Crew, we donate 10% of all revenue to the UPMC CICU Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Why? Because we also have a little heart warrior, named Matthias!  


Thank you for supporting Rockland!! 


    Scent Descrptions


    Gingerbread Vibes

    Dive into the festive spirit with this delightful blend. The spicy warmth of ginger, complemented by the rich undertones of nutmeg and chestnut, creates a scent reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies.


    Snowy Nights

    Transport yourself to a serene winter forest. The fresh notes of cypress, combined with the earthy tones of pine and fir, evoke memories of snowy nights and starry skies.


    Sweet Delight

    A harmonious blend of spicy cinnamon and smooth vanilla, this scent wraps you in a comforting embrace, perfect for cozy evenings.


    Menta Mocha

    Indulge in a delightful fusion of peppermint's coolness, the rich decadence of fudge, and the creamy sweetness of vanilla. A treat for the senses!


    PJs & Christmas Movies

    Set the perfect mood for a movie marathon with the aromatic blend of cypress, spicy ginger, and warm cinnamon. A scent that feels like a cozy hug.

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