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Plastic Pouring Pitcher- Microwave Safe 4 cup

Plastic Pouring Pitcher- Microwave Safe 4 cup

Need a microwave-safe pitcher for your DIY Kit?  


We've got you covered!  This pitcher can be placed in the  microwave to melt wax provided in your DIY Kit.  Refer to the DIY Kit instruction card for microwave table and time suggestions.  Always follow your microwave setting  instructions and use caution and oven safe mits while removing the pitcher,  Please hold by the handle when removing pitcher from the microwave. 


DO NOT place any metal or any of the bags in the microwave.


Please follow all care instructions provided in your DIY Kit ( kit sold separately from pitcher).  


NEVER leave the pitcher unatttended while microwaving and do NOT use for food use aftewards, because who wants to taste wax and fragrance in their meals?  Not this crew!  


Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for unsafe use or for those who injure themselves and did not purchase our DIY kit to have instructions provided.  


    Scent Descrptions


    Gingerbread Vibes

    Dive into the festive spirit with this delightful blend. The spicy warmth of ginger, complemented by the rich undertones of nutmeg and chestnut, creates a scent reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies.


    Snowy Nights

    Transport yourself to a serene winter forest. The fresh notes of cypress, combined with the earthy tones of pine and fir, evoke memories of snowy nights and starry skies.


    Sweet Delight

    A harmonious blend of spicy cinnamon and smooth vanilla, this scent wraps you in a comforting embrace, perfect for cozy evenings.


    Menta Mocha

    Indulge in a delightful fusion of peppermint's coolness, the rich decadence of fudge, and the creamy sweetness of vanilla. A treat for the senses!


    PJs & Christmas Movies

    Set the perfect mood for a movie marathon with the aromatic blend of cypress, spicy ginger, and warm cinnamon. A scent that feels like a cozy hug.

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