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Silver Tin Candle 8 oz(net wt. 5.8 oz)

Silver Tin Candle 8 oz(net wt. 5.8 oz)

Enjoy the same great clean candle with a new country chic look!   Select from season scent options listed in the dropdown option menu and breathe easy knowing our candles are 100% natural soy wax, dye free, phthalate-free and paraben-free , and our wooden wicks are both untreated and natural.  


Our 8 oz tins come with a lid and have raised feet on the bottom to help protect flat surfaces while burning your favorite Bright Courage scented candle.  


** Caution**  Contents do get hot, so do NOT move the candle when it is lit and make sure to allow the candle to cool completely before attempting to move the tin candle vessel!  


10% of our sales to go to UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh CICU unit and Heart Warriors!  


Scent descriptions: 


Luau Nights- immerse yourself in a luxurious scent profile of palm, sweet coconut, bamboo  and sea salt.  This combination is sure to evoke feelings of relaxation by the beach and luau vibes.  


Rose Petals- A subtle but sweet aroma of green leaf, rose, and light powder will fill your common areas with serenity and peace.


Relax Vibes- Who doesn't need this?!  Enjoy notes of citrus, followed by relaxing lavender scent, and finished with a base of sweet powder.  This candle profile is sure to be an excellent choice for a laid back day or night, or heck, anytime really!  


*Relax Vibes 2.0-  Our signature blend of relaxing lavender, filled with sweet notes of citrus, sweet vanilla, and cedar.  Sure to put you in a Zen kind of mood!   (Note, our sitting sloth label is our Relax Vibes 2.0). 


* Don't Bug Me! - Spring is in the air, and so are the bugs!  Enjoy clean burning top notes of  lemon peel, followed by citronella, and a soft base of powder.  A fan favorite during the Springtime and Summer!   


* Cranberry Mojito- Our signature blend of cranberry infused with champagne and mint notes.  Sure to have a refreshing scent for your common areas and for fun gatherings, together!  


Espresso-Tronum!- IFYKYK for our HP fans out there, or for any Coffee shop lovers!  This amazing scent begins with your favorite coffee aroma followed by middle notes of sweet caramel and sugar, completed with a vanilla base.  


Rosa Sandia- A refreshing indulgence of sweet watermelon with hints of strawberry lemonade topped off with sugar!


    Scent Descrptions


    Gingerbread Vibes

    Dive into the festive spirit with this delightful blend. The spicy warmth of ginger, complemented by the rich undertones of nutmeg and chestnut, creates a scent reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies.


    Snowy Nights

    Transport yourself to a serene winter forest. The fresh notes of cypress, combined with the earthy tones of pine and fir, evoke memories of snowy nights and starry skies.


    Sweet Delight

    A harmonious blend of spicy cinnamon and smooth vanilla, this scent wraps you in a comforting embrace, perfect for cozy evenings.


    Menta Mocha

    Indulge in a delightful fusion of peppermint's coolness, the rich decadence of fudge, and the creamy sweetness of vanilla. A treat for the senses!


    PJs & Christmas Movies

    Set the perfect mood for a movie marathon with the aromatic blend of cypress, spicy ginger, and warm cinnamon. A scent that feels like a cozy hug.

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