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At Least 10% Of Profits Are Donated!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Natural Soy Wax & Untreated Wooden Wicks

Natural Soy Wax: A Breath of Freshness

At the heart of our candles lies the commitment to purity and quality. We exclusively use natural soy wax, derived from renewable sources, ensuring that every candle you light in your home is free from toxins and harmful additives. Soy wax not only burns cleaner but also lasts longer, allowing you to enjoy a richer fragrance throw and a more extended aromatic experience. With its biodegradable nature, our candles not only elevate your living space but also ensure it remains environmentally friendly.

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Untreated Wooden Wicks: The Sound of Nature

The gentle crackle of our wooden wicks is more than just a soothing sound; it's a testament to our dedication to natural craftsmanship. Unlike many wicks on the market, ours are completely untreated, free from any chemicals or additives. This means when you light one of our candles, you're experiencing the wood in its purest form, reminiscent of cozy fireside evenings. The untreated wooden wicks also ensure a consistent burn, enhancing the overall ambiance and ensuring you get the most out of your candle. Embrace the authentic, chemical-free crackle with every flicker.

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Join us for an exclusive Candle Pouring event in Indiana, PA. Expert guidance, captivating scents, and our signature crackling wooden wicks await. Perfect for date nights, girls' nights out, and unique fun evenings. Click to explore upcoming events and book your spot!

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Host a Private Candle Pouring Event

Experience the magic of candle crafting in an intimate setting tailored just for you and your guests. With expert guidance, indulge in captivating scents and the soothing ambiance of our signature crackling wooden wicks. Ideal for special celebrations, team-building, or a unique gathering with friends and family. Click to customize your private event and reserve your date!

Packed with care to ensure safe delivery!



Welcome to Bright Courage, a family-run business born from a legacy of artisanal candle making and a desire to give back. Formerly Soy Clever Candle Company, we are now led by the next generation of our family, inspired to support causes close to our hearts, particularly the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh CICU, where our youngest was treated for Ebstein's anomaly. Handcrafted with care, our eco-friendly, paraffin-free, and phthalate-free candles not only illuminate your space but also contribute to a healthier environment and a meaningful cause. Together, we can light up the world, one candle at a time. Thank you for supporting our mission and being a part of our journey.

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